Our office provides several services related to the protection of our clients’ interests through the best legal mechanisms and the shortest procedures; adopting defense proceedings at the different civil, commercial and administrative jurisdictions, providing advice in settling the different types of disputes, proceeding with independence and neutrality principles and preserving the confidentiality of our clients’ information against any manipulation attempts.

For that purpose, we address the judicial authorities in the different jurisdictions of the 24 governorates in Tunisia: civil, commercial, financial, taxation, banking, penal, customs, administrative and so on….

We take in charge the litigation files of the institutions through fulfilling “pre-dispute” procedures as required by law (prior notice, formal notice), publishing the files at the competent tribunals in order to acquire decisions condemning the debtors to pay the unpaid amounts.

If the debtor does not conform to the aforementioned decisions, we conduct the different procedures and steps of foreclosure and its enforcement and we carry out all the procedures of auction sale.

To ensure the follow up, we continuously inform our clients through written notice about the file progress at the concerned tribunal.