Legal advice

Legal advice

Asking for legal advice, complying with law, protecting funds, businesses and companies from potential disputes risks, are among the most important concerns of any diligent contracting party; therefore, our office has the requested expertise, as “the lawyer counsel” is considered as Society’s doctor.

For that aim, our office provides continuous and necessary services of legal advice to our contracted companies, systematically, and to others, on demand. Our services ensure the follow up of companies’ activities in terms of sales, purchase, mortgage, conventions, proxies, commissions and brokerage for both local and foreign companies, as well as the institutions, banks and others, through advice and legal responses related to the different issues raised by the different administrative departments of the concerned institution.

We provide legal advice and researches for any difficulty and hurdle endured by the companies, as well as for any new operation held by them.

We also provide responses in all the legal fields including property and criminal files, spouses’ legal obligations, conditions for acquisition of nationality and residence permits locally and abroad, right to alimony, children’s custody and so on….