Contract drafting

Our office drafts all types of contracts: civil, commercial, administrative and international contracts. Contracts are written in different languages, namely in Arabic, French and English, with the possibility to provide a legal translation of the contracts. Our office is characterized by its versatility in terms of contracts as we make legal drafts for the investment operations in purposes of establishing accurate contracts, taking in consideration the goals and the needs of each client.

These contracts cover different fields, such as the commercial, maritime, oil, industrial, agricultural or service fields, drafted in order to sell, purchase, lease, business lease or mortgage and at the request of the different clients, suppliers, service providers, employees or banks and State institutions.

Revision of contracts

Our services are not limited to contract drafting; our office also offers a comprehensive evaluative review between the facts and the law, and verifies any possible adaptation between the comparative law and the Tunisian law concerning the compliance with contract terms and their compatibility with public policy. We also provide the opportunity of ancillary studies to the contracts.

We also proceed by the commentary and the registration of the contracts communicated by clients and any procedure referring thereto.

We also have the capacity to provide audit and conflict resolution services to companies, and assistance for those who forecast to buy a company, liquidate it, merge it or reorganize it.

Finally, our office assists the legal negotiations on the contracts and the commercial affairs during the settlement discussions. Companies or individuals can assign us in order to negotiate with the other party and determine the prices and the different contract clauses. Afterwards, we insure the follow-up until the achievement of the transaction.