Doctor Dora JELIDI BOUCHAMAOUI, motivated and dedicated to my work.

Since a very early age, I was interested and passionate in justice in particular and in law in general. I have deepened my knowledge and built up my career through research and perseverance.

My bachelor’s Degree in Company law was the steppingstone for preparing my Master’s of research in Law. Then, my achievement was to prepare, develop and defend my PhD thesis, which allowed me to prove myself, and it was a great pleasure to obtain a very honorable distinction along with the Jury’s congratulations and recommendation to publish my thesis.

Registred at the Bar of Tunis since 2008, my experience is rich and confirmed by the various continuing professional trainings in International Trade, Franchise Contracts, Company law...

The practice of my profession and the constant evolution of markets and needs incited me to specialize in value-added sectors that enabled me to expand my knowledge and evolve as a business lawyer.

Today, Islamic finance, franchise agreements and international contracts especially those corresponding to Middle East and Africa, are my particular areas of interest.

Our office, myself and my colleagues will have great pleasure to accompany you in your financial and legal adventures.


My passion for law encouraged me to pursue my studies at the Faculty of Law of Tunis where I obtained my Bachelor and Master's degree in private law. My love for the profession of lawyers incited me to join the lawyers’ Bar of Tunis in 2007, within ten years of practice of the profession, together with my colleague and my friend lawyer Dora Bouchamaoui, we created "Al Nour Avocats & Conciliations" law firm in a continuous pursuit of developing the profession of lawyers

During my career, I had many internships and trainings in the different legal fields (commercial, criminal, Real estate ...)

I am always keen to apply the fundamental values in my work in order to maintain clients’ trust. To ensure the respect of clients’ integrity and confidentiality, I attach particular attention to each file and I consider each as unique and requiring in-depth research.

My experience and competence continually motivate me to find new solutions to particular difficulties and to manage the concerns of my clients who are always satisfied with my talent in understanding and solving difficult legal problems.