Our principles

Among the constants we endeavor to realize: honest, serious and independent work by using accurate professional methods and having sincere and trust worthy relations with our clients. This is to ensure the achievement of our tasks in a competent and responsible manner pursuant to the law, the justice values and the noble lawyer’s profession deontology. We endeavor to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction, being convinced that conciliation is one of the means to settle disputes, which is as efficient as judicial recourse.

Our office has deep-rooted principles such as keeping promises and fulfilling commitments faithfully and honestly as required by ethics, customs and the duties of the profession, with the aim of restoring the glory and nobility of the profession of lawyers.

We have introduced some new changes in the work procedures by integrating a rapid methodology with continuous monitoring and adopted English methods (barrister/solicitor). For that purpose, our office cares about being close to the client, understanding his problems and paying close attention to him, while making all efforts to minimize the repercussions of the difficulties encountered and acting rapidly.